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Day 29

We are in Serbia now. After lots of paperwork we are lucky to meet many friendly people here. Everyone says hi or even invites us for shots and food. So good to be here!
By the way: we are halfway on our journey to the Black Sea. 1400km we did, 1400km of paddling left!

Day 31

When we made our lunch break on the beach we found the first bottle post of our tour! We were so curious about the text. After we opened the bottle we quickly found out that we can not understand anything else but the time when it was written (Jan 2018). So we decided to put the letter back into the bottle. Maybe the next person who finds it has the right language skills to understand it.

Day 33

We reached now the region called “Eisernes Tor” between Serbia and Romania.
The river gets narrow and the wind increases. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of the Danube.

Day 35

We observe for a while that there is more and more rubbish - especially plastic - swimming in the Danube and on the beaches. Here an impressive example

Day 41

Bulgaria welcomed us with great camping possibilities - sand strand, woods we find everything here.

Day 43

All the birds are going southward already. On the picture we were paddling through their meeting point. We were really lucky that none of them shitted on our kayak!

Day 45

Tirelessly we continue towards the Danube Delta! But first of all, we look forward to our next milestone "Russe". There we will organize the transport of the kajak.

Day 47

We are in Russe now! We found a place to store our kayak close to the Danube in the underground garage of the Grand Hotel. It's really amazing that people we meet are always trying to help us.