The Project

The idea

Challenges, which reach the physical limits and charity walks, that support humanitarian goals. Two things I was always interested in. The question: How can I combine them?


The route

Because I would never want to stop walking if it means I can support humanitarian goals, I therefore decided to chose a special start and end for the route: i.e. from the most southern mainland point (Tarifa) to the northernmost (Kinnarodden) in Europa. The distance is about 6500 to 7000 km and will pass through Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Time frame

8-10 months are scheduled for the route. The time frame is based on an extrapolation of a test walk of about 600km to the sea. The start will be in November 2014 in Spain.


Most nights will be spent in a tent. Depending on the weather, a proper roof overhead will be planed as a once–a-week accom-modation. As regards tenting, the aim is to ask locals for permission to camp on their private land.

Distance measurement

The distance traveled is measured by a GPS-tracker and can be followed on GPS Data.


You have to be ready to leave luxury behind in order to identify your own luxury and to go out and be able to help.


The project idea, planning and execution is done by UMWA "Unlimited Motion with ambition.“ This is a theme designed by myself. I use it to plan and execute projects like this.


A charity walk of this size and relentlessness will show what the human body and mind are capable of doing, when aware they are carrying out an effective act in the name of humanity.